When it comes to the range of robot vacuums, Roomba has been around the longest. They are synonymous with the term and most people will have heard of this brand over others in competition.

If you like technology and are enjoying the current trends of smart devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, using an app or voice control and don’t find Wi-Fi connectivity daunting or confusing then perhaps you’ve been looking at some of the Roomba range and wondering what on earth was different.

The two units are more often than not, the same price. For me, because the 690 and for me, I like the idea of controlling scheduling with an app and not fiddling around with physical buttons.

If you are buying one for someone who doesn’t own a smart device and would be totally lost of you spoke to them about Wi-Fi then the 650 is the better choice.


  • They can both be set up in under 15 minutes,
  • Both are similar in design, however the 650 is a bit cuter and a smidge larger. It’s all black compared to the 690’s silver and black outfit,
  • When finished their cleaning cycle they will find their way back to the dock and recharge,
  • Neither have brushless rollers. Long hair needs to physically be cleaned out to keep up the machine just like with a power head on a hand-held vacuum,
  • Both have spring-cushioned bumpers,
  • Both have proximity sensors,
  • Both are quiet.


  • When it comes to features, 650 is old-school as the 690 has the new iAdapt navigation. The difference is that it won’t get tangled in anything and will pass by soft objects. You can leave things on the floor and it will happily go around.
  • The 690 has a virtual barrier and the 650 has a virtual wall. If you have inside pets and water bowls on the floor, the barrier will create an arc around it and the Roomba will clean around the arc.
  • The 690 has better suction.
  • The 650 schedules using buttons on the robot and the 690 schedules with an app and be used with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Knowing some of the main differences between the two units and seeing almost the same price, it really makes no sense to buy the 650 for any reason other than having aversions to tech savvy gadgets.