Best Sources For Spray Foam Insulation In Houston Texas

closed cell spray foam insulatoin houston txIf you have been considering the possibility of adding more insulation to your home in order to prevent hot and cold air from passing through your walls, or perhaps adding an extra layer in your attic, you might want to consider SPF insulation instead of fiberglass. There are many reasons that this is a better choice including the fact that it can be sprayed directly into walls that are already up by simply cutting a hole in the wall to spray it in. It’s also very easy to use in an attic area, cutting down the amount of time that it takes to put everything into place. If you are in Houston and you are tired of experiencing hotter than normal temperatures in your household, you might want to consider finding a company that does spray foam insulation in Houston Texas.

What Is SPF Made Of?

This material is the result of two separate materials reacting together, expanding in order to create an insulation like substance. SPF stands for spray polyurethane foam and is very helpful when you are building a new house, or even retrofitting or remodeling an old one. You can save a considerable amount of money when using this insulation because it is cost effective and very efficient. It will form a continuous barrier on your walls after it has been spray applied, and you can use high-pressure or low-pressure phone depending upon where it is being used.

Open Cell And Closed Cell SPF

there are actually two different types of this material. Open-Cell refers to a type of foam that has high moisture vapor permeability but it has a very low strength and is not very rigid. It is not recommended for areas that will come into direct contact with water, whereas Closed-Cell is much more efficient in damp areas and has a higher R-value, used in areas that are greater than half a foot in width.

Best Deals On Spray Foam Insulation and Roofing

To get the best deals on this type of insulation in the Houston area, you should do a search on the web for a company that has years of experience with this type of insulation. One of the best is Therm-Seal Insulation, a company that is well-known for providing Formaldehyde free plant-based SPF that is absolutely green and non-harmful to the environment. You can call them up so that you can get an estimate on how much it will cost for your existing home, or if you happen to be building a new one. This is a company that many people have used in the Houston area, as well as surrounding areas such as Cyprus, Spring and Huntsville.

Now that you know where to go to get Spray foam done by Therm Seal Insulation, you should give this company a call right away. They will be able to get you an estimate on how much it will cost, and also schedule you in to have spray polyurethane foam put into the walls and attic of your home in order to help you have a much more comfortable summer and winter.

Spray Foam Insulation

While most modern homes and offices have pre-installed air-conditioning systems, some do not have such installations. Fortunately, there are several ways to protect these homes from external weather changes. For instance, you could create insulation (i. E. Using spray foam insulation technique for instance) to ensure that your home is fully conditioned always. With spray foam insulation, users can never go wrong.


One may want to know what spray foam insulation is all about. Briefly, it is among those modern methods that utilize a blend of compounds such as resin and isocyanate to insulate walls and floors. Now, based on the type of spray one does, the covering may turn out to be thicker or less dense. It is this outcome that is used to categorize spray insulation as either Open or Closed.

As mentioned before, the technique has two sub methods i.e Open and Closed Cells. The Open technique uses less foam and thus cannot form a stronger barrier to stop moisture loss or entry. The technique is cheaper and only good for use on walls. On the other hand, Closed Cell procedure forms a thicker seal that can prevent the loss of moisture or air. Such properties naturally make Closed technique the most viable thus the best choice for insulating the roof. On the lower side, however, it is expensive.

An insulated home has many advantages. For example, it not only cuts on your energy costs but also eliminates the regular air-con repairs, which is very costly in some suburbs. You are cushioned against the expensive cost of heating during cold weather as well as the high electricity fees in the summer ( Since the fans usually operate for longer during summer). Noise is another thing you are protected from as long you insulate your room well. Lastly, your family is safe from the nuisance pf insects or allergy-causing particles.

Truth be told, this type offers the best conditioning option for most homes. Sadly, very few homeowners can do it by themselves. For many people, it is hard to know what materials to buy let alone mixing of compounds likes isocyanate and resin. Therefore, the majority of homeowners just have to hire a specialist to help them with the job.

When it comes to contracting, precautionary measures must be taken to avoid becoming a victim to scrupulous business ploys. To ensure that the hiring process goes on well, however, you must focus on your financial ability to sponsor the project before looking at the qualities of a good contractor. Factors like the size of your property and whether you want an individual or a firm to handle the project must be settled too. You can always check the net for best prices once the said factors are dealt with,

Now, a credible service provider must be fully registered with the relevant government department. Similar rules ought to be used about individual applicators. It is also advisable that you read testimonials about a given service provider. In fact, your choice should be the applicator with few or no complaints from customers.

Credentials aside, does the contractor have good public relation skills? For instance, find out if they value their customers theirs, truthful and well mannered. Ignoring these virtues could only lead to poor working relations.